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Get a REAL ID or Enhanced ID

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A REAL ID is a special type of driver's license or identification card issued by the DMV that meets federal requirements. Starting in May 2025, you will need a REAL ID to board domestic flights within the U.S. or enter certain federal buildings, unless you have a valid passport.

There is no extra fee for getting a REAL ID, but you still have to pay the regular transaction fees.

An Enhanced Driver License (EDL) is another type of document issued by the New York State DMV. It can be used instead of a passport to return to the U.S. by land or sea from Canada, Mexico, and some countries in the Caribbean. However, it cannot be used for air travel. The EDL is also REAL ID compliant and accepted for domestic flights, military bases, and certain federal facilities.


Who Can Apply For EDL? 

Only U.S. citizens who are residents of New York can apply for an EDL. There is an additional fee of $30.00 for an enhanced driver's license or non-driver ID card, which is added to the regular fees.

You have to apply for a REAL ID or EDL in person at a DMV office. Online, phone, and mail applications are not accepted. If you've never had a driver's license before, you need to first apply for an Enhanced learner permit and complete an eye test at the DMV.


What Documents Do I Need To Apply For REAL ID Or EDL 

When applying, you need to provide original or certified documents, not photocopies or damaged ones. Your documents must have the same first and last name, and if your name has changed, you must bring an original or certified copy of the marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court issued name change. At least one document should have your full middle name. You must also bring any necessary corrective eyewear for the vision test.

Proofs of residence should show your current address and cannot be from the same financial institution. Your new EDL document will arrive by mail in about 2 weeks.


To Renew Your REAL ID or EDL

You can follow the same instructions as renewing a regular driver's license, but there will be an additional fee of $30.00 for the Enhanced license.

Renewing your New York State driver's license or non-driver ID card earlier than the usual timeframe is possible if you want to convert it into an enhanced driver's license (EDL) or enhanced non-driver ID card (ENDID).

To be eligible for early renewal and conversion to an enhanced document, your license or ID must meet the following criteria:

  • It should be currently valid and not expired, having been issued more than 6 months ago.
  • The expiration date should not be within the next 12 months.
  • It should not be in a conditional or restricted status.
  • Additionally, you must fulfill the proof of citizenship, identity, and residency requirements for obtaining an EDL or ENDID. Please refer to the information provided under "Get an enhanced driver license (EDL)" or "Get an enhanced non-driver ID (ENDID)" for more details.

The fees associated with early renewal and conversion, they are determined based on the class of your driver's license or the type of your ENDID, as well as the number of full or partial 6-month periods between the exact date of your application and your next birthday (month, day, and year of expiration). If you opt for an early renewal and obtain an EDL or ENDID, the year your license expires and the total fee will be different compared to a regular renewal. The fee may be higher because your license is issued for a longer period than during a normal renewal process.

It is important to provide accurate information and not make false statements or provide false proof of identity or date of birth when applying for any DMV document, as it is a criminal offense and can result in penalties such as jail time, fines, and the suspension or revocation of your permit or license.

For more information, you can visit the DMV website.


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